Apr 15, 2015

Fake Pope Francis Roles

From April 2015, added text signaled by date:

Nazi agent Jonathan Pryce again playing argentinian, this time not Peron but pope Francis: Roles
1. Main role, same as all popes since 1958, is suicide bomber: destroy the Catholic Church from within.
At the end of the show "Francis" pushes the role to the limits by fully detonating himself.
His suicide belt obviously includes an extra powerful pedophile bomb, of the same type used by the fake popes since 1958.
After a staged arrest and stripped of title, in parallel to Obama, Pope Francis will confess the most sophisticated comspiracy in the History of Religion and of Pedophilia.
This is a role in its own (see #10 below).

2. Mockery of christianity
"Pope: Abbas in an angel of peace" illustrates rather this agenda than the "Destruction of Israel" agenda.

3.Divert from and deny genocide, past, present and future
a)- Pope says never again, recalling 'horrific' WWII atomic bombings = diverting from the ongoing horrots of World War III: pilots of "US lead coalition of 25 nations" carrying on genocide, from sunnis in Syria and Iraq and touaregs in Mali alias Azawad to christians in South Sudan and Central Africa.
b)- "Pope: 'Powers' did nil when Jews were taken to Auschwitz" = diverting from the fact that the holocaust was possible because nazi puppet govs of USA and UK were part of the operation.
c)- Armenian genocide: question the unquestionable packaged as black is white.
"Pope Francis uses 'genocide' to refer to mass killings of Armenians by Turks": this is how illuminati media serves another episode in the series of denying the genocide of armenians by the Ottoman empire.
The fake pope's message is to:
- question the genocide: "... widely considered", or in other words stating that the armenian genocide is NOT an undeniable fact.
- promote the nazi puppets of the turkish government and thus implcitly deny the armenian genocide.

4. Destruction of Israel

5. Disarm US citizens
While pretending to denouunce he states the real agenda while again mocking christianity: if you manufacture weapons then you're can't be a christian".

6. Otherwise Mock human cattle unable to add 1 + 1
This ranges from "fghter against global warming" and "protector of forests" to "critic of capitalism".

7. Marketing illuminazi agents persecuting catholics, from China to Cuba

10. Last but scripted as "not the least":
"Pope Francis arrested, confesses the most sophisticated conspiracy ever in the History of Religion and Pedophilia."
This is a suicide bomber parallel script to Obama (Politics) and Putin (several areas including Sports).
The list of crimes that Pope Francis will confess includes a long list of murders, same as Obama/Putin, all of them obviously fake deaths, to fulfill the commandment of endless deception.
But none of the pope's self-confessed murders will ever beat  the "as close to himself as it gets" milestone to be set by Obama: "I strangled my own  granny in her bed in Hawaii just before the 2008 election". 

Aug 9, 2015 - Pope says never again, recalling 'horrific' WWII atomic bombings

June 21, 2015 - "Pope: 'Powers' did nil when Jews were taken to Auschwitz"
Pope Francis denounces 'great powers' for turning blind eye to genocide
He highlighted mass killings of Jews in Nazi concentration camps during World War II, the systematic murders of Christians in gulags under the dictatorship of Joseph Stalin, and the executions of one million Armenians by Turkish Ottomans in the first few decades of the 20th century. He also cited extensive persecution of Roma and homosexuals.
“It makes me think of ... people, managers, businessmen who call themselves Christian and they manufacture weapons. That leads to a bit of distrust doesn’t it?” he said to applause, 

Why do lluminati desperately try to exterminate the Jews?
Because it's the ONLY UNDENIABLE way to prove the Bible wrong

Why well known actors play top politicians (Osama, Biden and Kerry to Romney, McCain) and popes (Francis to Khomeini and Khamenei)

Feb 2016 - For fake deaths used in confessions of the most sophisticated conspiracy in the History of Politics, Religion, Pedophilia,  Finance and Sports, start here:
Fake deaths that "pope Francis" will confess include his 7 months pregnant personal secretary, days after Scalia's fake death, one of the murders that Obama will confess to Oprah Winfrey on TV.

Auschwitz before Lesbos and Homos: Satanic Trilogy of genocidal announcements by "Holy Father".
A milestone for truth in plain sight about an ongoing genocide set together with the Lesbos act.